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Hello! I'm new in town, and I don't have a sig, so I have a small request:

Plane Used: Fw 190D
Text: Catch22

That's it. I'd prefer the picture used to be in colour, but other than that, everything's up to you! Thanks!
Easy dude. Everyone here, as I have learned will help all you want, but at least try. You've made them before so lets see what you got.

Attitude like that will get you a sig made. It will look like this....

It's quite simple really. You are new and have made very few posts, then you ask everyone to make you a sig. Have you ever been to a party where someone comes in that no one knows and he goes to the fridge and just takes a beer? It's like that in a way.

Make some posts and let others get to know you by what you post and how you see things. At least make an attempt to do something before asking someone else to do it for you.

When I first got here, I couldn't figure out how to get my sig posted. I used the search function on the site and found the answer was already here. And once I found that thread and got it working, I posted a thanks.

I would be a little more concerned about getting to know the folks here and letting them get to know you. The sig can always come later.
Fair enough. It seems things work quite a bit differently here than on other boards. Most of the ones I frequent people line up to make sigs for anyone, but unfortunately they're all hockey related boards. If I offended anyone, I didn't mean to.

And I have made a sig on paint, which I hope is up to snuff size-wise.


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Size is fine, it looks good although it is a shame you had to crop the tail off.

Had some time on my hands so here is a couple (nothing special)...


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Nice signs you've made Gnomey.I like them.

Catch22 your siggy is also very nice.:)

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