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the lancaster kicks ass

Major General
Dec 20, 2003
No, this isn't about major surgery, more the fact those of us that didn't use the Articus skin now have no choice about using it! i used Filux 2, Les used Filux and CC used Oceanzero, so what happened? i hate this skin!
Hi guys !!!
I have the same problem.I used Filux2 skin too.But today I was welcomed with the Articus one which is not the most beautiful.
where can i change it back then? because i've looked all over the user CP area and it's not there
forums where updated a bit ago, but I never did update the templates. the first one I have done is artakus, and due to changes in templates with new forum the old templates don't operate correctly. I will get around to updating them this next week.
cheers, i like the other improvements you've made, namely the new links after all the posts.........
The 'forum jump' box has now disappeared from the bottom of each page...Quite annoying as I have to scroll back up to the top of each page now to go back...???

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