Skyraiders Torpedo the Hwachon Dam....

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Aug 21, 2006
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A torpedo-carrying Douglas AD-4 Skyraider of VA-195 on the way to strike the Hwachon Dam. The nose of the torpedo is surrounded by a plywood "drag ring" that slowed its flight and entry into the water, and a protective plywood box around the tailfins and propeller that would likewise break off on impact. U.S. Navy photo


A U.S. Navy Douglas AD-4 Skyraider from attack squadron VA-195 Dambusters is armed with three 2,000-pound bombs in March 1951. VA-195 was assigned to Carrier Air Group 19 (CVG-19) aboard the aircraft carrier USS Princeton. The Skyraider was flying a mission during the "Carlson´s Canyon", strikes on a railroad bridge across a canyon near Kilchu, in central North Korea. U.S. Navy photo

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How does a fella find out, which specific aircraft took part in these attacks? 🤨🤔

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