Solid-Fuelled Expendable TurboJets....

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Jul 9, 2014
Does anyone have any information on research and experimentation into solid-fueled expendable turbojets?
[NB Please don't litter the post-wall with endless accounts of German coal fuelled ram-jets and pulse detonation engines, (yawn), yeah, yeah, yeah I already know about this. If you're dying to bang on about these then start another post and knock yourself out. This post SPECIFICALLY concerns aviation gas turbines.

As an aside, America extensively researched coal-fired gas turbines for locomotive use but abandoned the project due to the un-solvable problem of premature turbine blade erosion caused by fly-ash particulates [see: ]
This kind of thing?
Thanks, perfectly describes the concept.... and did you notice that the assignee was Williams? Ideal propulsion Powerplant for a sub-launched cruise missile.

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