Someones been cheating...

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cheddar cheese

Major General
Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
As many of you may or may not know, this site was founded by a guy called horse[USA]. He occasianally posts and was on about 150 posts about a month ago...

Recently I checked and he was on 5172 posts!!! Yet he has not increased his activity or posted lots in any forums...

So horse, have you edited your post count or somthing? :lol:
who gives a stuff M8. I don't care who has how ever many post quite honestly. Mind you I am not into power... in any way, shape or form.
Talking of which Med.... you have really surprised me... I held you in high esteem M8 ( very high esteem I might add). But I can't believe that you locked down the airbus thread. I was truly enjoying it.... 'THAT' boys is TRUE life...what it is 'ALL' about. Like it or not, it is what the world is made of. those that will not and do not agree with what we are saying. it is what fires us, challenges us and questions our very being.

Lunitic..... you remind me of my ex M8.... you know just which buttons to push and which chains to yank.... you don't just use a wooden spoon to stir....but a bloody great cement mixer.... Jesus you are wonderful. Hats off to you, you manipulative young man.
Folly ummmmm! ;)
The thread was locked at the behest of R/G himself....
Jesus you are wonderful. Hats off to you, you manipulative young man..... excellent stuff....more please hunny..... I have a rink side seat.
If u enjoy watching one member piss on another members hopes and dreams of going home after 14 months in a combat stressed enviornment, then by all means, have fun....

But as a veteran and owner of a Purple Heart, if i was present when RG said that, I woulda choked the living shiit outta him..... Some people are very VERY sensitive about certain things...

Enough said about this.. Water under the bridge.... He was warned and the thread locked.....
Well that me told.... and I shall leave you in peace mate, no probs.
Der seems a really lovely bloke.... THAT is obvious. I felt he was handling 'The Loon' really well until everyone jumped in.
What you seem to miss was the fact by other threads Loon had posted....were purely done to get people backs up.... he is one troubled soul. Yet everyone played to his tune and fed his insecurity by jumping in. The best thing you can do with folk like him is to praise their attitude or good points.... coz it DOESN'T feed them..... 'or' NOT follow their post, as I think Der would have done after a while. Hence my point.

>Der you're a lovely and 'sound' bloke. keep your head down and stay safe. I wouldn't hurt you and feel sad (VERY) to think that other members felt I would. I hope 'you' realise that.
> Les you are so aggressive.... and you have such a low opinion of women. it sucks M8..... you dont want women on this site and whilst you have this attitude, none will stay. I felt I had to be forceful just to stay on, but I quite got to like you in the end.... I like a bit of banter you see :rolleyes:

>Lunitic.... you have lots of probs M8.... mainly anger about god knows what.... get it sorted before someone does it for you.

> Thank you 'all' for the chats,banter and music talk....especially the Rockers amungst you.
Lancs thanks for making me chuckle and going along with our flirting ( for anyone who thought I was over cheeky... Lancs and I agreed it though IM).

Now 'Med'.... your IM finished me off mate.... a telling off from 'you' means it's time to go off here for a good while. Cheers to one and all, I have enjoyed it. see ya later maybe.
I'm sorry to see you go, Cripps. You're good natured. :(
Everyone puts their foot in their mouth at times. Hell, look at me! I do it on a daily basis! I just hang in there and carry on.
I don't know where that came from with Crippen with regards to Les. Yes, he can be a bit aggressive sometimes, but so can everyone else. I have to be honest though, it's kind of cowardly to throw stuff like that out into the public forum and then leave. That's cheap. I expected better of you.

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