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HT Antique Auto

Jun 19, 2006
First off Hi everyone nice to be a new member, now for the topic at hand. I have been searching and posting everywhere to find out more about the item I aquired a few months ago, the person I bought it from had no idea what it was but I'm pretty sure (from my internet research) that it's part of a Hispano Suiza motor. It looks to be one side of the block of a v12 that was put into the cars and has the valve cover on with complete valvetrain. What I'm looking to find out here is if it's worth anything, which motor it is, and just some general feedback. Thanks in advance, maybe I'll post a pic sometime. Harlan


It looks rough because I don't want to clean it in fear of ruining anything/exposing the metal. Cheers! HT
Thanks I'll check that out. I figured someone here had to know something since the motors for the cars came out the planes, from what I've read. HT
Nobody else? This is supposedly the aircraft motor, I've been told a few times now it's not for the car.

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