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Sep 19, 2012
Aw flaming stralia
Good day all experts

I did a search this morning for an article written within the last few months and had a lot of difficulty finding it because the display order of searches appears to be random and I could not see any way to change the sort order to show newest posts first. I did not know who made the post so I was unable to use that as a filter.

I tried a couple of other random searches and nearly all had randomised dates like below. The only search with results close to date order was the one using engines.

It is because the Search option may be set on the Relevance way for searching. I would suggest checking on your account prefferences for the searching option. My one is the Deafualt Search Order. But you may set the Most Recent one for instance and save it. Since that it can be used for all your attempts to finding something.


Also you seem to be not too accurate in specyfying what you want to find. When you hit the maginifying glass icon you get a couple more options to narrow your filters for searching.


But the best one is to hit the Advanced Search button allowing you to specify more accurate what you look for. Also there in the menu you may find the way of searching. If you don't want the searching by the Relevance just switch to the Date for instance.

My pleasure. :)

As memo serves the searching engine always was a kind of a pain in the a$$, especially, if the finding way was set with the general setup. So you need to give a try for the other options and get the best way for it.
Or bookmark it


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