Soviet early P18 and P14 radar theory manual thanks to Mr.Springrose

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Mar 26, 2022
P14 radar was a long-range meter-wave radar.
Introduced 1959
No. built ~2,000
Type Early warning
Frequency VHF
RPM 2-6 rpm
Range 400 kilometers (250 miles)
Altitude 30,000 meters ; 65,000 meters high beam (98,000 feet; 200,000 feet)
Diameter 33 meters
Azimuth 360 degrees
Elevation 12/17 degrees
Precision 1.2 km range, 1.2 degrees
azimuth Power 900 kW
P-18 radar could be regarded as a mobile version of P-14.
Introduced 1970
Type Early Warning
Frequency VHF
Range 250 km
Altitude 35 km
Azimuth 360 degrees
Elevation -5-15 degrees
Precision 1 km range
Power 260 kW

P-18 textbook manuals in 3 vols:
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P-14 textbook in 2 vols:
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All the manuals here:
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