Spanish Civil War and its Impact / Lessons on / for WW2 Air-to-Air Fights + What if Questions

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Aug 27, 2017
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1- What was tested on that test ground?
2- What was outcome?
3- How did it change / respond?
4- What were lessons thought from that war?
5- Did they use in 1939-1941?

What if Questions:

WI-1: What if there was no SCW at all?

WI-2: What if Portugal and France, as neighbors, were directly involved? most likely, border line areas were attacked by other one(s)!
I suggest reading "Some Still Live" by Frank Tinker. Tinker was a mercenary pilot who flew for the Republicans and was credited with 8 kills. This book is interesting as it was written by an actual participant. Some comments from the book:

"The I-15 was able to out-climb and out turn the CR32 and He 51. The I-16 was a bit faster than the early Bf109s and were more maneuverable. The early -109 were able to out-dive the I-16."
Two more good books. This is a conflict that I love


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