Spectacular Jet fighter combat photo request!

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Rob Romero

Apr 24, 2007
In "Air Combat" (a Time-Life book) pp. 78-79 there is a spectacular air-air combat photo apparenently taken through the cockpit by the RIO of an F-4 Phantom. The F-4 is flying about 1,000 meters above the desert rolled about 45 degrees to the left. Below on the left edge of the photo an Egyptian Mig-17 in FULL AFTERBURNER is headed in the opposite direction trailed by an Israeli F-4 in gun range (it is reported that this F-4 -supposedly the photographing plane's wingman, promptly shot down the Mig). Unfortunately, the small photo covers both sides of the page. If someone could post this photo, or provide a link, it would be greatly appreciated.


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