Squadron/Signal In Action Series question

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Capt. Vick

Jul 23, 2008
Long Island, New York
Recently purchased the following two Squadron/Signal In Action books:





Note that the "book number" of the first one is 1222 and that of the second one is 10222.

Now obviously the covers are different, though the content is very similar, though not exactly the same. Both are written by the same author as well.

So my question is, why?

Was the second one published after the close of the Squadron Shop?

Is the zero added to delineate a copy that has a photograph on the cover in lieu of a painting?

Copyright dates differ, 2011 vs 2017, so they may be different editions of same material. I have early books of an airplane and a much later book of the same plane by a new author.
I'll put this information in an older thread because of the similarity with the above discussed questions.
Squadron/Signal informed me that the following new book is for ordering now:

Order details here.
This book is by David Doyle and has 136 pages. I have the 2 older books: "B-25 Mitchell in Action" by Ernest R. McDowell from 1978 (50 pages) and "Walk Around B-25 Mitchell" by Lou Drendel from 1997 (80 pages). Does anybody know if the new one is a compilation of the older ones?
Thanks in advance!
I wouldn't think it's a compilation. Would kind of be like screwing the other two authors.
There is another "B-25 Mitchell in action", this time by David Doyle - # 1221 from 2015:

The older book with the same title is # 1034.
The newer book is not the same as the old one - maybe they used this edition and added some more details to make it bigger?
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