Sturmböcke in the East

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Nov 22, 2004
Correct me if necessary (please):

If I recall correctly the three (or perhaps some of the three) Sturmböck gruppen (of JG3, JG4 and JG300, after Sturmstaffel 1), were moved east in 1945, right after having had some striking succeses in 1944 against the formations of B-17s and B-24s.

Furthermore, if I recall correctly it was still in early 1945 (January?) that the Sturmböcke still had some striking victories against the USAAF´s heavy bombers.

Does anyone happen to know when were the Sturm units moved east and which units did the change comprise?

Did the Sturm fighters were use as ordinary fighters against the VVS?

Any further input will be very greatly appreciated.

Udet you are correct !

All of JG 3 and JG 4 were moved by 15th of January to the Ost Front. Some SturmFw's remained in both these units and there was an influence of regular A-9's equipped with 4 2cm weapons as well as being unarmored. JG 300 and JG 301 stayed behind in the west and yes JG 300 scored some notable victories agasint US bomber formations, notably 14 of January 45, but in turn were really hit hard....

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(G/C) Lionel Mandrake said:
Dispite my Oxford education and cultured breeding, can some tell me what VVS means ?

It refers to the Soviet Red Air Force. I've no idea what "VVS" actually stands for.
how dare you ask a young man a question like that, there's laws against stuff like that you know..................
Lionel Mandrake:

I will be glad to increase your already vast culture: :D

VV-S stands for: Voenno-Vozdushniye Sily.

Being a Russian (50% 8) ) perhaps made me just type VVS rather than explaining a bit more on the meaning.


For one moment I had forgotten you were a member of the forum.
Thanks a lot for the input!

So there were some Fw190´s non fitted with the extra-armor? Well, can that perhaps lead to think they were not Sturmböcke as they had been deployed in the west against the USAAF heavies?

Another question raises, are there any records on the performance of the Sturm units in the eastern front?

Since the soviet air force did never produce any heavy bombers, the Sturm tactis weren´t necessary in the east?

Still I can imagine a formation of Sturmböcke intercepting a large formation of IL-2M´s. If the heavy bombers were to some extent "easy" victims (much larger and heavily defended targets) the Shturmoviks surely made even easier preys.
hello again friend

yes the sturm wedge tactics were withdrawn and no longer used but with so much experience in clsoe-in fighting the German crews flew very close and blew away the opposition. Over all the sturm pilots in JG 3 were lost to Soviet Flak. My friend Oskar Bosch still flew his black 14 and then later black 13 on the Ost front. Both a/c were the heavy A-8/R8's SturmFw. He scored the last victory of the gruppe by playing the roulette game with a Yak pilot and they both rammed each other, the Soviet pilots a/c nearly vaporized upon the collision. Oskar bailed out almost right next to one of his undercarriage arms/wheel stuck two feet in the ground. He was to be almost immediately captured By the Soviets and held in captivity for several days till he escaped and was taken by friendly W-SS truppen. Sent to the back Oskar made his way on foot back to his home in Austria.

E ~

Thank you very much for both the info and your friend´s story!
Speaking of stinging, pray u dont EVER see one of these at the beach....


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Regarding your question on who Hefestión and Cratero are.
One of my favorite history characters is Alexandros III Makedonon (Alexander the Great in english, Alejandro Magno in Spanish, etc.)

I have lots of historical books on Alexander, as well as a few excellent novels. My spanish has improved dramatically in recent months, then I came across a very good library here and bought me a novel (2 volumes) on Alexander; the author is a German guy: Gisbert Haefs.

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why are you so rude on me? :)

Cheddar Cheese and LancKickAss post off-topic stuff at least 90% of the time. :lol:

I was asked, I simply replied.

If you think you have anything interesting to add, back on topic, I will be pleased to read you. :D


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