Superior fighter (F4U-4 vs. P-47M)

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Dec 11, 2005
Cupertino, CA
Great board you gents have here. I've been wondering for a while which plane would come out on top in a matchup between the F4U-4 and the P-47M.

I have some P-47M data that I'd like to share with you all after I get some opinions and such.

I'm looking forward to reading your comments!
Which Blacksheep was he?

I have some speed and climb data from the P-47M manufacturer that I would like to compare with similar data for the F4U-4. (Basically, I'm looking for some performance specs for the F4U-4 Corsair here)

This data is for the P-47M at combat gross weight of 13,275lbs (full fuel and ammo) and WEP.

Top speed @ 5,000ft = 386mph
Top speed @ 15,000ft = 422mph
Top speed @ 32,000ft = 470mph

Climb rate @ 5,000ft = 3,775ft/min
Climb rate @ 15,000ft = 3,425ft/min
Climb rate @ 28,000ft = 2,375ft/min

From JonJGoldberg's data, it looks like the gross weight of the F4U-4 is 12,450lbs. I have to sort of estimate the exact numbers from the chart he provided which I have relocated below so here goes.

Top speed @ 5,000ft = 380mph
Top speed @ 15,000ft = 425mph
Top speed @ 32,000ft = 445mph

Climb rate @ 5,000ft = 3,750ft/min
Climb rate @ 15,000ft = 3,600ft/min
Climb rate @ 28,000ft = 1,800ft/min

The climb rate of the F4U-4 really degrades fast at higher altitudes. The P-47M is pulling 2,375fpm at 28,000 feet. The F4U-4 looks like she can match this climb rate at 26,000 feet but by the time she's made it just 2,000feet higher to 28,000 feet, her climb rate is already down to 1,800fpm.

I'd say that over 25,000 feet, her climb rate takes her out of the race.

I think the P-47 has roll rate on her too.

What about turning in a tight fight? I would think that the F4U-4 might have an advantage here. How would the power loss at higher altitudes affect the F4U-4's ability to turn?
:shock: 1800fpm at 28,000? :shock: That altitude data on the F4u-4 Corsair realy points oiut why the P-47N was the little friend the B-29 crews could rely on.
Since the Combat attributes of both planes has been well covered, Let's make it a beauty contest!!!
F4U Hands Down!!!!
Sorry, but the P-47 is One Ugly Mother. Effective, but Ugly.
cheddar cheese said:
The P-47 is easily the best looking American fighter...barring the P-38 of course...

I Disagree. The best looking american fighter is the P-40, followed closely by the F4U

And I still say the Dora is better looking than the Anton!! :p
Air to air, I don't know, but I know they got a bunch on the ground.
It would not surprise me if some did. Most of the Air to Air kills on Me-262's were on take off or landing and if a P-51 can hit them then, so can a P-47.

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