T-6/SNJ/Texan/Harvards air to air!

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I got up for a photo flight yesterday afternoon and was in the lead ship of a four ship formation for a 4 pass flyover in my hometown! Before that, we did a great diamond formation over Santa Paula. What fun! :p

Many many thanks to Jason, Chris, Ken and Will for a great flight. They made my job easy.


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Awesome shots as always Evan, I can only wish to fly in a war bird. Last time I tried to fit in a war bird they couldnt close the canapy :oops:
Cheers guys. Here are a few more, including the gratuitous self portrait. The shot before that is my neighborhood, which is not nearly as densely packed as the picture makes it.


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No, it was a formation flight for an event. We had one detour through Santa Paula to give them the diamond formation, which I'll bet looked awesome from the ground. The only thing we did with any amount of g's is when we peeled off to RTB. We all went three different directions and Jason pulled a climbing turn that was fun. Other than that, just a plain old flight. Well sort of, flying in 60 year old warbirds is hardly just an ordinary flight. :)
I really loved those shots Eric Im the same as PB and totally jealous
thanks for sharing those with us I would be grinning a dam sight more than you were if I'd been sitting in that seat and even if it was a tad out of focus the wing down banking shot gives a super impression of how it feels to fly.
Im not going to make Camarillo this year but Im very hopeful of making it part of a US visit in 08

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