Technically not a War Bird but a very cool plane !

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Dec 6, 2005
North Delta BC
So last summer we had a forrest fire down the street from my house. Yeah I know what your saying but this IS Canada and usually it's no big deal unless it's close to homes.
We had the usual Grumman Fire Cats, Bell 206, 212 and even a Skytrain dropping water on it along with a very famous resident of our Province.
The Martin Mars.
You can't imagine what it's like to be blown out of bed by a fully loaded Mars flying a couple of hundred feet over your house ! Can you say wood !
(can I say that here?)
In typical fashion there was no film in the camera so I got these with my POS pull start digital, gotta get a better digital, the pictures are crappolla and don't do the plane justice !



Any one else here ever see one in the air ?
In 1978 I went on a class field trip to go see them, only 2 left. We actually got to go out to where they were moored and go on them. I will scan some of the pics and post them if any one is interested.....and I guess I just "dated" myself !
Hello Bustedwing,

If I wanted to see the Martin Mars, is it still possible?
Does it still exist and do you know where?

Does someone on this Forum know the answer?



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