Testors Metal and Wood Glue?

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    Anyone used it? Its the Green one (I use the blue and red) the thing is, I'm on a budget (blew the budget on paints and stuff :D) And I have a tube of this in the cabinet, I tried it on some Eduard PE and it looks good, just wondering if its any good (ie won't come apart easily/melt plastic/ safe for canopies)

    I've been using E-6000 but the huge tube drys too easily I've "dried" around the remaining 70% of the tube while I only used 30% for actual modeling.

    Any help on any other glue thats cheap to use on metal/canopys (since E-6000 I've been using for canopies as well) would be greatly appreciated. It needs to have a ease of use aspect to it and not fog the canopy or else I'll go back to the old Testors Blue for my canopys. I know some glues take a hell of a time to get used to and they don't dry as well as they should.


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