The Ashes Thread

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Apr 11, 2005
South East Queensland
Well gents the Ashes series is just around corner with the first test starting on the 23rd of November in Brisbane. Here's the place to discuss everything to do with this great series. My predictions are for an Aussie victory 4-1!8)

PS Just heard that Marcus Trescothick is heading back to England because he's home sick again:rolleyes:
Good article Lanc, I liked how play had to stop because a Chinese rocket was found in the out field!:lol:
That famous game the Aussies played at Gallipoli under shell fire would have been a site to see! I bet no one was keeping score!

PS Les, maybe your lot would enjoy the newest version of the game called twenty20, it's all about big hitting and big beer drinking!
Oh yes its Ashes Series again. Wildcat first test at the Gabba in my home town. should be good to see and yes i am predicting an Aussie series win as well. Aussies on fire and coming of wins. and the Poms well lets say bad nerves isn't the only thing you will get by end of the series. As for your barmy army sun burn flies and losses will be your lot
Well day one is over with Australia 3-340 odd, good times ahead!
Day 2 and pommie calmy(barmy) army subdued at South Bank Railway station yesterday wildcat. nothing looks more pleasing than a sad faced pommy looking defeat down the barrel of ricky pointings cricket bat at crease
Wildcat thought this was funny found it in Brisbane Courier Mail 24/11/2006


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It appears its just not Pointing scoring a near double century that has upset some English Fans. It seems the main trumpter of the Barmy Army was evicted from the Gabba yesterday for playing his trumpet at the match. Unfortunately the Gabba has had a musical instrument ban for 12 years and that is the ruling. It also seems some members of the Barmy Army do not like the seat allocations either and do not like Queensland Police or Cricket Australia for various reasons not fully explained. Quotes of heavy handing by Queensland Police and claims also that Cricket Australia wants to win at all costs the series. And some members of the Barmy Army are thinking of cancelling the rest of their tour as they claim all the fun is gone for them and how dare the Australians do this to them. I personally believe most English Cricket Fans are fair dinkum sports minded supporters and are enjoying the cricket either win lose or draw as are their Aussie counterparts. But excuse me for thinking some members of the Barmy Army are a bunch of whinging poms who can't get their own way now want to go home and take their complaints with them. Gentlemen the que forms to the left and right at Brisbane International Airport. See you again go home and learn about sportsmanship
hey we're devoted solely to the game and will admit defeat, unlike the aussies who do have the win at all costs atitude which is making it less fun i mean banning someone because they play the trumpet? it's a sport it's supposed to be fun!

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