The Cessna BO-1 Birddog Bomber

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1st Lieutenant
May 30, 2011
Cape Canaveral
A friend of mine with considerable Vietnam experience wrote about an innovative weapon an O-1 pilot came up with.

The pilot wanted a little more punch than hanging his M-16 out the window and found out that a certain size peanut butter jar would just take a standard grenade and enable you to pull the pin without the spoon coming off. That way, he could open the jar, pull the pin, screw the top back on and throw it out the window. It would hit the ground, the glass would break, the spoon come off, and 3 sec later, BLEWIE!

This was about a million percent better than trying to pull the pin on a grenade and drop it out of the window while flying the airplane, which was bound to lead to disaster sooner or later, and even when it worked, created self-generated flak.

He even had a jacket made with big loops designed to hold the peanut butter jars.

I wonder if he ever tried putting something extra in the jars. like a wad of C-4 or some JP-4? Probably not; he likely thought he was pushing his luck a bit as it was.

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