The Coolest 'Radical' Aircaft of World War II

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Here is a good question: What was the coolest of the radical* aircraft of World War II?

*=like the natter, He 280, etc

In my opinion it would have to be the Horten Ho 229 Flying Wing. Had to be amazing. Seeing something like that buzz over your head just short of Mach 1 would scare the bejeepers out of anyone.

What do you guys think?
Parmigiano said:
I would add the Blohm&Voss projects:
the 'ugly' BV 149 (that in my opinion is a very cool design) and the tailless fighter projects P208 to P215 etc.

Yes I actually really like the Bv-149 also. Not the plane itself but the design.
I have a winner:
Ju-287 V1: four engined jet bomber prototype with 30 degrees forward swept wing and fixed landing gear (taken from He-177 and B-24!)
ok well if you were to ask my opinion then I would say the P-51. o and rebel dude, that is an awesome cat.
Maybe because its wings were almost in the middle of the fuselage and not in the front?

I'm still pushng the P-55

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