"The Dutch Naval Air Force Against Japan" by Tom Womack

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    "The Dutch Naval Air Force Against Japan - The Defense of the Netherlands East Indies, 1941 - 1942"
    by Tom Womack
    MacFarland Company - 2006
    ISBN 978-0786423651


    When I've read anything about the Dutch Air force, it was either the brief war in Europe or their use of the Brewster Buffalos in the East Indies. However, there was another aspect of their military that I feel deserves attention, and that is their Naval Air Force (called MLD - Marine Lucht Dienst)

    The book is 207 pages long divided into 10 Chapters, 8 Appendixes, and a nice number of pictures. The book takes you from just before the beginning of Japan's war with the west (while there was a "cold war" between the Netherlands and Japan) to right after the fall of the East Indies.

    It goes into a lot of depth on their use of the amphibious aircraft ( Do 24, Do 15, PBY, Fokker T.IV, Fokker C.XIV, Fokker C.XI, Fokker C.VII as well as Grumman Goose Ryan trainers), the military patrols and a number of combat missions including bombing and aerial combat. It also talks about the friction between them and the other allies (UK US) due to politics.

    It was a very good book about an area not well known so if you are looking for something off the flight plan, I would recommend this. I rate it 9 out of 10.

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