The F4U-1 and water injection.

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    CORSINGS recent comparisons, led me to dig out my Corsair pilots manual in order to see if I could track down when the aircraft was first fitted with water injection and on page 36 it is stated that serial number 55910 was the first F4U-1 fitted. I then checked the book "The Vought Corsair by Martin W Bowman as this contains lists of USN and RN Corsair serial numbers, I find that USN FG-1 and F3A-1 were fitted with water injection and 573 F4U-1. (F4U-1 and 1A only 1C and 1D not included).

    USN Corsair 1 water injection 001.jpg

    USN serial numbers.jpg

    RN Corsair serial numbers.jpg

    USN R-2800-8 Corsairs with water injection.

    573 F4U-1 and 1A out of 2814.
    All 200 F4U-1C
    1376 F4U-1D out of 1685.
    85 F3A-1 out of 735.
    1008 FG4/-1A out of 2010
    All 1997 FG-1D
    5239 R-2800-8W Corsairs.
    4202 R-2800-8 Corsairs.

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