The first American Jet engine

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Feb 26, 2022
A 1952 documentary about the first American jet engine, which was (Sir) Frank Whittle's invention.
In late 1941, when World War II raged all over Europe and Nazi bombers flew over London, a group of GE engineers in Lynn, Massachusetts, received a secret present from His Majesty King George VI, Frank Whittle's jet engine. Stacked inside several crates were parts of the first jet engine successfully built and flown by the Allies. The engineers' job was to improve the handmade machine, bring it to mass production and help England win the war.
More than a thousand people were working on the project, but few knew what they were building. Joseph Sorota, who became part of the inner circle as employee No. 5. "Our colleagues called us the Hush-Hush Boys," Sorota recalls.
The jet engine was eventually tested on the Bell XP-59 Airacomet.


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