The Fw-190 Thread

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Aug 11, 2006
New Zealand
Hi all.

Just thought I'd start up this thread to see what you all think of the Focke-
Wulf 190 (all variants), and its performance during the Second World War.


Good question...

Germans had a "fly till you die" policy. Erich Rudorffer, flew over 1,000 missions and was shot down sixteen times. Weapon of choice FW109, 222 kills! Non-German, Walter Novotny, Austria, 258 KIA 1944. Me 109 pilots had more kills on the board. Keep into consideration the German kills had to be confirmed by another pilot to be accepted. I think FW 190 pilots actually had more kills that never got confirmed.

Remember the Bf109 pilots had seen more action than the FW pilots I would say. The Spanish Civil War proved to be a good training ground for 109's. The F series could do better than most, quick rolls and a split-s to make a pommie's heart stop! Most articles I have read this fact jumps out at you. Trying to intercept someone is totally different from an all out attack! If the FW BMW combination had been more evolved at the start of WW2 the big story would have been different. Very powerful. It's like comparing Thunderbolts with Mustangs I believe.

Early models could reach 20 000ft faster than Spit V's, 450 ft/min better up to 25,000' Later longer bodied versions missed the point, although they looked good.

Span: 34 ft. 5 1/3 in.
Length: 33 ft. 5 1/4 in.
Height: 11 ft. 1/4 in.
Weight: 10,670 lbs. combat-loaded
Armament: Two 20mm MG 151 cannons in wings and two 13mm MG 131 machine guns in nose
Engine: Junkers Jumo 213 of 2,240 hp. with methanol-water injection

Maximum speed: 426 mph.
Cruising speed: 280 mph.
Range: 520 miles
Service Ceiling: 40,000 ft.

Nice livery FW 190 D9's Papagei Staffel...

I like the FW more cause the Me looks wore like an ironing board when the gear is out! Check out BMW 802...I like experimentals and I'm always looking for latter versions of FW's. Night fighters with radar??? even Missiles...

Project w/ BMW 802 engine Luft '46 entry In August 1941, but with the BMW 802 18-cylinder, twin-row radial engine with a with two exhaust gas turbines enclosed in larger span, length, height and wing Area.
Focke-Wulf FW Fighter Project w/ BMW 802 engine Luft '46 entry

This "thing"...would have kicked bigtime Mustang ...and lightning butt!

Know it's not a FW but it's a dangerous picture........
Hey, Welch!

That horsey's gonna lose it's ***!

Copped off by that damn ironing board!
just so everyone is aware the name Papegai Staffel is incoorect and was another after war name for a German unit. It was simply called the Würger staffel by the crews both in the high protective squadron if you want to call it that and by JV 44 pilots, many of them never even knew of the Fw Dora existence with the two units over a mile apart from each other at different field settings. One consideration behind this is that the JV 44 Me 262 pilots never saw the Doras in the air
well I am trying to correct mis-information for all as a matter of historical context.

by the way the chaps last name is Wübke, there were at least 6 Doras in the staffel that we know of, new fotos will be shown later of other Fw's
Erich, do you by any chance have pics or profiles on captured American Fighters, used for evaluation?
photos are buried somewhere the a/c used by test unit/sabatoge KG 200. I have no idea where they may be. No profiles though. also a couple of pics of captured toys in Zirkus Rosarius but not sure where they are iether
saw some profiles of Mustangs, Thunderbolts etc

Photo's would be cool

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