The Hottest Alien Babes of Film and TV

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C'mon. 7 of 9. I would eat a mile of ...



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Jerry Ryan. She's the chick who's husband tried to talk her into a live sex act on stage. No making this up. Her husband (well, actually, ex-husband) was running for office and it came up. One of the reasons for their divorce, if I remember right.

Bad for him, but I would've paid to see THAT show!:)

All others are skanky recepticals by comparison

Hot, innocent, clueless, smart--- great combination


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yep women in spandex ........... slurp. and you guys wonder why I ride my bike ? .......... there were 2 babes with our group this morn. I calmed myself and rode way out if front ;)
I remmember Lifeforce crap film but hot vampire.

Am always a sucker for those triple breasted blue aliens. But concerned about tge guys(or girls?) voting for a cartoon character.
Intirguingly mateable, I must admit. But the whole foreign language vulnerability thing would wear old with me.

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