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cute corporal

Nov 29, 2004
if any of you guys have any really good colour pics of cute pin up or classic nose art i would much accrippilate it if you could email them to me coz i adore pinup and nose art and want to start a collection of pics...
corp x :)
Anyway, here are some pics for ya, all from the Album here. 8)


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Ilove ruthie and golden girl so much! i need them emailed to me though, so i can print off, etc, so if you could i would be grateful coz i dont know how to myself...i dont have many- i may be working on some pinup art soon...ill keep yall posted in 'getting to know...'
Here's one for ya - This plane "Out of This World" was flown by my wife's grandfather, Lt. Ed Chamberlain, 819th BS, 30th BG, 7AF. Unfortunetly he was killed in a plane crash in 1953. I'm going to post a story about him and his son (my father-in-law) who retired as a Lt. Col., USAF after setting dozens of world speed and altitude records with the B-1B.

The nose art is better than shown in this photo!


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HEY - any info you could find would be highly appreciated. "ED" trained at Muroc and I believe was there through 1944.

He died transporting the Governor of Delaware to Washington DC. They had in in-flight engine fire and he put the plane in the Potomac River. The Governor survived, Ed drowned. :(
Thanks - you know I just realized ED got his advanced training at Muroc, that's when he went on the -24. I don't know where he got his primary training at, I'll find out and let you know.
SOunds good. I am not sure what Russ' capacity was aside from an instructor pilot with B-24s. He may have trained in other aircraft as well. I do plan on interviewing him at some point and will get more info then.
you know i often start a thread by reading the last post, then going up to my last post and reading down, and that one was just wrong until i read the rest :shock:

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