the new 1/48 Eduard 1/48 Bf 109G-6 and option E

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    Another interrogation in my head...!!!
    Some comment about the new Eduard 1/48 Bf 109G-6...
    I ask myself if there isn't some confusion about the option E on page 15 of the instruction sheet of the model kit Nr 82111.

    I know that the researches done by Eduard are very serious but my interrogation is in this fact:
    the legend about option E says W.Nr. 165350, flown by Lt. Anton Hafner, the CO of 8./JG 51, Tilsit-Ost, August, 1944.
    OK, admit that but what about this aircraft ?
    Aces of the Luftwaffe - Anton Hafner

    This aircraft is often (or always) depicted as W.Nr. 442013, flown by Lt. Anton Hafner, the CO of 10./JG 51, Hüttenfelde, October 1944.
    But if we look at the photos, we can see green grass and flowers, the sun (apparently high) and ground crew shirtless. The weather is it not too sunny to be located in Germany in October?
    My 2 euro-cents opinion is that this aircraft (the one on the photos) was photographed during Summer, may be August 1944 and then could be in reality W.Nr.165350. And the one depicted by Eduard could be in fact W.Nr.442013 during October 1944 (version proposed by Claes Sundin in 2011)
    from Anton Hafner

    I'm confused with my interrogations...
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    The caption of the second picture accessed with the link you posted says " Bf 109G-6 W.Nr. 442 013 "Black 1" of 10./JG 51 in which Toni Hafner died on 17 October 1944.. It doesn't mean the shot was taken in the October. Judging by the period of a year we can notice in both of images I would say it could have been the Summer indeed.

    Also looking at the cockpit hood , the camo spot at the top of the bar and the layout of these on the fin I would say , both of pictures show the same plane. That's a pity we can't see the wavy camo demarcation line at the top of the engine cowling. It would make us more sure. It seems it is not the kite seen in your bottom profile. Please notice the Earla-Haube canopy and the larger yellow band. Is there any info about the Bf 109 was fitted with the cockpit hood?


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