The New Zealnd Wars or Maori Wars

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Oct 17, 2006
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On completing a discussion with Henk on the Boer War. I referred to another lesser known war and mostly Forgotten about through history. It became known as the Maori or New Zealand Wars From 1845 to 1872. there are websites one can go into to look at the aspects to this conflict in New Zealand between a Native Population and the Colonizing Power of England and maybe our Kiwi friends can add more to this discussion as it goes along Website i had looked at is this one
The New Zealand Wars
Well Adler. the English learnt some very valuable lessons from The New Zealand Wars which they took with them into the Crimea and the various Indian Conflicts. Seemingly when the English were forming their Empire it was always with violence and warfare. Seems today we have forgotten that part of Empire Building
I think that part of nation building might be effective in some parts of the world today...

Effective in nation building. Its a forgotten lesson me thinks Adler. and it takes time to do it. Not something that can be obtained in a few years but maybe decades

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