The person below me (TPBM)

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Dec 20, 2005
It's some idea of a game i found on the internet, you ask a person a question like
"the person below me is an Asian", then the one who answers gets to ask another question.... example

The person below me bit his *** off
If you call one hitch in the USMC "retired."

The person below me is a clever chap!
I can't? Better go back to hanging outside liquor stores.

The person below me is left handed
If u mean lonely as in have no gf, then yes but I'm only 12
If u mean lonely as in no friends, then no

the person below has been jerking off too much
Damn right, that's why I've cracked my wrist. I weakened it so much it cracked at work 'n now I'm high on pain killers, and have a wrist brace!

The person below me pisses in the sink.
nope, I think i can do suck my own **** but i dont want to cause it's just ****in sick

the person below me has done it to an animal
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