the top scoring aces of ww2 country by country.

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Jul 26, 2005
erich hartmann german 352 kills
eino juutilainen finnish 94 kills
hiroyoshi nishizawa japanese 87 kills killed 26th october 1944
ivan kozhedub russian 62 kills
prince constantine cantacuzenne romanian 60 kills
marmaduke *pat* pattle south african 51 kills kia 20/4/41
richard bong american 40 kills
mato dukovac croatian 40 kills
james johnson british 38 kills
deszo szentgyiorgyi hungarian 34 kills
jan rezoak slovakian 32 kills
george beurling canadian 31 kills
clive caldwell australian 29 kills
colin gray new zealander 28 kills
adriano visconti italian 26 kills killed 29th april 1945
marcel albert* french 23 kills
stanislaw skalski polish 22 kills
karel kuttelwascher czech 18 kills
svein heglund norwegian 15 kills
li kwei-tan chinese 12 kills
kaj birksted danish 11 kills
yvan georges du monceau de bergandel belgian 8 kills
cudomir toplodolski bulgarian 8 kills

*marcel albert has been placed as the top french scorer as i recently had an argument with erich over pierre clostermanns claims.

pilots level on the number of kills have been placed in alphabetical order.
Some sources list Beurling with 32. I've even seen some say 29, but 31/32 seems to be the consencus. Those that say 29 I think are only counting the planes he downed while in RAF service. He also flew with the RCAF for a bit after that, where he apparently downed one or two more.
Also there are some sources that list Franco Lucchini as the top scoring Italian ace.

loomaluftwaffe said:
u 4got my country... :(
i know our first ace shot down 5 japanese planes.... WITH A PEASHOOTER (p-26)

Then feel free to add the info to this thread. Considering what they had to work with, the Filipinos did an amazing job. Takes some real courage to face down a modern Japanese plane in a P-26!
Hell yea! Cojones de Hacero! O yea considering that in '41-2 the Peasooter was just that.

Check this list I have found. I don't know if there are any mistakes though


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ok, Jesus Villamor, the first filipino ace, 5 planes shot down with a P-26.
he hot down Zeroes and Bettys, thats what it said in an article, they named the main Philippine Airforce Base after him.
Why is Marmaduke "Pat" Pattle's score always obscured?!? If he did have 50 kills at the time of his death, this shows that allied fighter pilots were definitely "on par" numbers-wise with the best of the Luftwaffe!!!

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