Theodore Weissenberger Bf109G-6 during Invasion Front

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Jun 17, 2005
Hi friends.

Does any of you have a profile which clearly shows Theodore's personal Bf109G-6 during Invasion Front (june-july 1944)?

I understand that he flew a Bf109G-6 to claim 25 victories in 26 missions.
Actually it was 25 kills in 26 missions. All of then were fighters. But I have no image or description of his personal mount.
you have ALL the dates to confirm these claims ?

according to Freiburg archiv's he had 19 listed as confirmed or this is what is reported
Here is a picture of him and his Me-262.

The site that I got this picture from does say that Weissenberger had 25 kills in 26 sorties on the Invasion front. I can not confirm this though because this is the only website that I have read this on.


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Claes artwork is a fine representation of a Stab machine, but again it is artistic impression.

Very true that Theo was probably responsible for 3/4r's of the I./JG 5 kills on the Normandie front. June 7th till August 14, 1944. I'll try and make a listing of the kills of the gruppe during their time during the French onslaught shortly....

still looking for Theo's Bf 109G-6 profile. not sure if it had a chevron or not or a number 1 ?

E ~
In OSPREY BF109F/G/K ACES OF THE WESTERN FRONT tells that he claimed 25 confirmed victories in 26 sorties. I don't have a list of kills, but the book says that those kills were mainly fighters. I understand that his unit I./JG5 was equipped by Bf109G-6 by that time (june 44 - july 44). I'm not sure if he was still wearing chevrons or if he was still wearing his "4" as he did before or if he changed to "1".

The only clues that I have is that the unit was possibly equiped with Bf109G-6 and that he loved his number "4".

Bf109G-2 in Norway = White 4
Me262A-1 Defense of Reich = Green 4
Bf109G-6 Invasion Front = ??????
yes osprey title goes out the window. we need the official history by Belgian author Eric Mombeek on the unit. will try and send him a private mail and maybe we can get the real story. This could all be old news from the Ernst Obermaier KC title of some years ago in the form of a biography. whether it was even 15 US fighters/RAF that is still some success with being overwhelmed over France and it's borders by Allied fighters.....

i'll do a listing once the grandgirls go home later this evening

well it helps to pull out the right books.

JG 5 by Werner Girbig. Yes according to Herr girbig Theo claimed 25 kills for his 176-200th kills while with JG 5. something does not figure though....5 P-47's on June 7, 1944 ? On the 19th of July he claims 3 Typhoons and a P-51.... big (?) again. On the 25th of July 2 Spitfires.

ok more research .........Die Invasion is covered in 18 pages and the "old" book is divided by Gruppen which is a bit odd. 25 kills for Theo and Lt. Mors shot down 11 Allied fighters and 1 bomber. Like I said I have to do some more research and maybe I can hunt down one of the G-6's for the gruppe at the Invasion-front ~
reading through the JG 5 war diary and Theo was shot down and wounded on one mission, not sure just which a/c he flew and if it was 100 destoryed or lightly damaged. His A/C was a G-5/AS unit

from Frappe's excellent Normandie/JG acct.


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Erich said:
reading through the JG 5 war diary and Theo was shot down and wounded on one mission, not sure just which a/c he flew and if it was 100 destoryed or lightly damaged. His A/C was a G-5/AS unit

from Frappe's excellent Normandie/JG acct.

Interesting... If that pilot in the Bf109 is Theo, then it is possible that he actually wore chevrons instead of any number. So his aircraft was a G-5/AS...mmm very interesting!!. We are getting closer.
yes it is Theo and the single < would indicate his Stab I./JG 5 Kommandeur status. But i did mention he was shot down so not sure if the a/c was totalled or he flew this one again or anaother G-6/AS ? There were few G-5/AS still left


On picture #1.... I don't know if I can't see very well those details, picture is a little bit dark, but I noticed that the aircraft doesn't look like a G-5 nor a G-6. Pay attention to the cowling that is visible... It looks like a K or late G series (G-10?). Am I right?
Hey it is a G-5/AS, as this photo is in my collection and has been reproduced in several books. The same a/c is in the lower photo anf Frappes work on the Normandie battles is the authoratitive acct of all French based Luftw. JG's during those months of 44
How can you tell it is a G-5. The only difference between a G-5 and a G-6 is that it was pressurized and the position of the air compressor was on the right instead of the left.
I see why you might think it is an G-10 but it is not. Although the Bueles are not in place giving the look of the AS complement, there were no G-10's till September-November of 44 in any air defence unit. My siggy shows a II./JG 3 G-14. Had it been an AS you would not see the bulge. Well you probably already know these things as it is obvious..........

will look forward to find more ion I./JG 5 next week as inforamtion is coming to me. It will be covered enmasse from Eric Mombeeks JG 5 book volume 3 coming later this fall or winter 2006.

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