Things that worry me

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Apr 14, 2005
niagara falls
I'm just curious what causes every one concern these are my major worries
1 spontaneous human combustion
2 the next Ice Age
1. Illegal Immigration
2. The price of gasoline
3. Global warming
4. My wifes attitude when menopause hits
5. The price of a divorce when said menopause rears its ugly fu*king head and turns my wife into the modern day version of Himmler
6. The cost for a hitman when said wife on menopause makes it her personal lifes goal to destroy my life for no other reason than to see me suffer
1. Something bad happening to my Wife.
2. Illegal Immigrants whether they be in the US or Germany.
3. What is happening in the next 5 months.
1 - not enough legal immigrants in Italy by 2024 (*)
2 - general tendency in the world to like dictatorial/authoritary/faith-based governments
3 - Supremacy fight between 'western block' and 'China block' in about 10-15 years

(*) I go in pension in 2024, pensions are paid by the contribution of actual workers. Italian population is declining: if there will be not enough legal immigrants who work and pay taxes, I would have trouble to cash my pension check. Alternative is that Italian families start NOW to make 4-5 kids each.
somehow I am not too fond of Adlers # 3 although probably knowing full well what he is talking about ..........

it is inevitable the US will further itself in the MId-east with no way out.

not so much a worry as my mind is getting on top of it but not sure internally physcially: the fight with cancer

dealing with death in the familie / life is way too short

Les : you need a big tent in the backyard for a acouple of weeks to stay away from the Mrs. I was fortunate my dear one's was so subtle, I knew what was going on but she did't ............ it depends alot on stress, maybe for you both it is getting the house re-established since Katrina. Just a thought, ah no familie physcial probs I hope ?


Is it true when they say "Eternal love" has an approximate duration of 6 months?
Udet, Eternal Love, in my estimation, lasted approx 8.75 months, then ur friends are a bad influnce and ur not allowed to play with them anymore....

******Gentlemen, my post was actually for a laugh, and none of u silly bastards caught onto it except for Udet******

Shame on all of u.... (acutally Erich, things are going along quite nicely, with just the crown molding and paint pretty much left to do)
Soundbreaker Welch? said:


I can't think of too much that worries me, the eroding of civil liberties by governments perhaps and the possibility of global economic collapse.
I can't think of anything other than a possible east asian war
1. The fear of not having enough time in life to do everything I want to...
2. Not passing my driving test first time (I'll shoot myself if this comes true...)
3. You guys taking the piss when I mention the next worry...
4. Octopuses...
5. My bad diet...
1) Not being able to think of anything that worries me.

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