Things you do not see in Europa at the gas station

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Mar 26, 2007
I was told that was in Alaska

They do stuff like that in the northwest.

There is a town (don't recall the name) close to the Alaska/Canada border where Bush pilots come and go all the time.
Landing at gas stations, the local cafe and so on.

It's a whole different world up there.
As a 13-14 year old aviation nut in 1950s New Orleans, I lived very near the Delgado Trades School, now Delgado college. When a trade school, they were the preferred Aero school and she students had built racers in the 1930s, The Delgado Flash & Delgado Maid. When I heard the big round engines start, it was a bike trip the 4 blocks to see the event. I got to see a Cub take off from school grounds and later another from the median of the adjacent street.

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