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Jan 15, 2007
Ok I looked at my old copy of il2 - the one that seemed dated and decided to look at online downloads of newest. Ubi sells it for 29 usdollars and it includes all prev versions. Is this going to be better than warbirds 3? How full are the online multiplayer skies? How good is the offline content? I read there are over 200 planes to fly? Does it fully support all aspects of trackir4 movement? Thanks need help deciding - screen shots look great, but hated the interface of older il2 ( had an old one I got in the commanders collection that might have been dated badly)
Am I missing something? I got the boxed version of 1946 and read there are over 200 planes to fly. I looked on the missions and there are very few. What am I missing? Do I need to go through missions to unlock planes? I also found visibility from planes on missions poor - will have to play with views. I will say that there are a lot of controls such as prop pitch, fuel mix and all and the planes look very nice. No paper manual came with which is dissapointing as I like to refer to them as I fly. I did find a manual in pdf format off the install. Are there persistant multiplayer arenas at all or do you have to find a "buddy" or creat your own game?
u have to either use qmb or go to this website that consists of modders that work on IL2 to get more of the planes
I use this site. It is an excellent source for IL-2. I would suggest the Two minutes to action download.


You can access the vast amounts of aircraft by flying Quick missions, or by creating a mission and selection various aircraft to be available.

Otherwise, you can access the entire list by playing multi-player in "Dogfight" mode.

As far as multi-player goes, you have a number of options, such as Hyperlobby and personal hosting among friends, etc.

The online manual/handbook (PDF) was chosen because of the size of the book, if it were to be published. You can either look up a specific aircraft profile from the handbook PDF, or you can go to the main game menu and select "View Objects". From there, select "Aircraft", and then select "Country" from the pulldown menu. That will then show all the aircraft in the list below and clicking on a specific aircraft type in that list will display information about that aircraft in the main window to the right. If you wish to see that aircraft's image, click the "View Object" button below the main window, and it will render a 3D image of that aircraft in the main window.

You can return to the text by clicking the same button.

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