Thought you guys might like this....

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I was searching the internet trying to determine if there were any more WWII boneyards out there that I might be able to visit. Well, in my searches I cam across this satellite image and thought you guys might like it. B52s, A10s, F4s, C141s, name it!
Check out the boneyard's boneyard on the Eastern edge of the property (triangular tract across the street from the main boneyard....I'd LOVE to walk through there!)
Hey, pretty neat stuff! They do tours there if you're ever in Arizona!

As far as any WW2 bone yards - the oldest recip thing you'll probably going to find is maybe a C-97 or an S-2. Be rest assured, 99.9% of any complete WW2 airframes gone. You might be lucky and find a single C-47 or maybe a late model Corsair sitting in the middle of Montana, but anthing other than that is going to be like looking for the holy grail!
Thats the AMARC facility at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson. For more shots of the birds, closer to the ground look here:

Its a sad look for me. I see alot of planes from my time in the service now sitting in the desert in mothballs or in the process of "regeneration".

It's interesting, and kind of sad to see some of the things that they do there to fulfill treaty requirements. They have this guillotine like apparatus that literally cuts B-52s in half, in one chop! Then they have to leave them destroyed like that in the desert for the former Soviet Union to see through inspections and satellite imagery.
Some get scrapped, so get put into "mothballs". The airplanes with the white masking on them are mothballed. They use that to protect the surfaces and other parts while they get stored for a just in case contingency. Although I have no idea what we would do with some of those old F-106s or 102s...

I know alot of the F-111s are mothballed as spare parts for the Aussies, that are flying the F-111G models. Sad to see the old Lakenheath birds getting raided for parts.
Yes, they do all kinds of things down there. "Regeneration" is a broad term that can mean a lot of things, from converting to drones to part out the airplanes, to melting down the aluminum for beer cans.
evangilder said:
I know alot of the F-111s are mothballed as spare parts for the Aussies, that are flying the F-111G models. Sad to see the old Lakenheath birds getting raided for parts.

Funny, I met an Aussie aviation enthusiast tonight and he was tellign me about how the Aussie air force still uses the F-111's. He said something about them buying 25 of them from AMARC. Very cool guy and VERY knowledgable...I passed this URL to him! Hopefully, we'll see him (Rowan) around here soon!
Yes, they bought a number of them and plan to fly them for quite some time. There should be plenty of spare for them at DM. I know we had over 60 at Lakenheath.

Sounds like Rowan is a bit of an F-111 fan. Not too many folks know about the Aussie 'varks. He probably already know about this site, but he may want to also check out
That's great UP1 fascinating stuff, though I must admit I always find things like that and ship breakers quite sad sights to think of all the work that went into building those planes and the valiant service they gave it seems a very ignominious end for such heroic machines
Talking of ship graveyards - I saw one of those in T.V in Bangladesh, they freakin' pull them bits by hand over there! :lol:
Ship Graveyard in Bangladesh? I would think they would build ships there with glass bottoms so they know where the rest of their fleet is! :rolleyes:
It's not their own ships - foreign ships just sail in, and then "die" basically - and the Bangladeshis rip them to shreds. I think it's Bangladesh - it's either that or India - one of the two...anyway - they rip them apart by hand. They all wade out to them and start dismantling them!

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