Today's Japanese Military

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Jul 12, 2006
Do to current's event's with NK, test underground nuclear testing. A lot of question's has been asked. Little is known about Japan's current military. This is the question at hand.

How strong is the current Japanese military?

What are their current capabilities?

Any information on the weapon's they use, aircraft they use, manpower. Anything that could proove useful.
Nice info syscom3. It was really helpful.
They also announced they might restart there nuclear weapons program as a deterent to NK. They allready have eneogh enriched plutonium to make several bombs and we know they have the technology.
these're all the nuclear nations now aren't they?

Declared nuclear weapons states
United States
Russia (formerly the Soviet Union)
United Kingdom
North Korea

Undeclared nuclear weapons states
well last night the news here said the americans had the first proof it was a nuclear test...........

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