Trying to track a WW2 unit accross Europe 131st. AAA

Discussion in 'Aircraft Database' started by dutchman, Jul 21, 2013.

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    Okay folks, here's the task. I'm trying to track my Dad's unit as they went through France and Germany. Not as easy as it sounds. Many recorded were destroyed and information lost. But here we go, He was in the 131 AAA Bn. Now what makes this almost impossible, the AAA folks were many time attached and reasigned for temp. duty with other units as the Luftwaffe wasn't the threat it once was. He told me about being assigned to guard 155mm guns. Their halftracks were placed in front of the bigs gun and told to hold the ground at all cost. They also did small recon probes much of the time only a couple of miles, but again they would take a look and then the tanks would roll through. He always remembed the the halftracks as bullet magnets. Once they were fired on many times they would dismount and fight on foot. Other then the 30 cal in the track they saw no value in the vehicle. The german MG rounds would go through the sides with little trouble.

    Anything you folks might be able to share would be great, Thanks

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