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    Here's a cause worth signing up to:

    Petition to: To.Erect a National Memorial to RAF Bomber Command.

    From the petition:

    "Erect a National Memorial in London to the over 55.000 brave young men who gave their lives 1939-45 and played such a large part in gaining Victory in Europe, I applaud the magnificent memorial to the 'Battle of Britain' and feel that Bomber Command deserves the same honour. Also appeal for public donations towards same."

    I implore any Brits and ‘expats’ on this site to sign the petition, the reaction thus far has been slow but if we each forwarded it on to, say, 3 others that we know, it could make a difference. However, with this mendacious, self-serving, despotic, government (they don’t deserve the capital ‘G’) I am not holding my breath.

    It might shock our overseas members to know that NO SUCH memorial exists in the UK to the members of Bomber Command who perished in the Service of their King and Country, the Commonwealth and freedom in general; indeed it is ‘Politically Correct” to distance oneself from any mention of Bomber Command’s efforts during WW II. The BBC in particular constantly debunks BC and metaphorically spits on the floor whenever BC is mentioned, and that’s usually only to bring up the Dresden raid.

    The petition is theoretically open only to UK citizens; however, inspection of the signatories shows a generous Dutchman who recalls Operation MANNA (Sir, I thank you), so some of you may want add your two pennyworth……And Kiwis, Ozzies, and Canuks may want to pitch in too and help us remind these ba$tards who won their freedom to think that they can ride roughshod over everyone else’s democracy and free speech. And while I’m at it I think that you Czechs, Poles (and anyone else I’ve unintentionally missed out!) have a right to have a say too.

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