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Mar 10, 2003
Florida, USA
I added some mods to the forums just for fun. Now if you go to your profile you can pick the flag of your county which will be displayed in your posts. Also I added a referral mod which I will do something with the credits. If you want to get credit use the link in your profile to get people to join.

The database is going through changes (added a In service and Remarks section to the aircraft). Also I have begun work on creating a variants database that will be linked to the current aircraft. Please hold tight as this work continues. Thank you

Great Britain :: 5 New
Halifax B.Mk III
Hurricane IIC
Tempest Mk V
Typhoon IB
Wellington IC

Images Added for each Aircraft

Also fixed some code and added an attachment mod to the forums.
Mosquito B.Mk XVI
Mosquito N.F.Mk XIX
Mosquito F.B.Mk VI
DB-3F (I1-4)
Please post a comment telling me what other aircraft you would like to see added.
This is a great site, however I was noticing that one of your pictures of the A-26 Invader is actually a Martin Marauder. Pretty easy mistake, since both planes were designated as B-26s. Perhaps the most easy to distinguish feature is the rounded stabilizer on the Marauder vs the squared one on the Invader. Just thought you should know. Keep up the great work.

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