US Aerial Photographic Equipment Stock List

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Sep 19, 2012
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Attached is a copy of USAAF Aerial Photographic Equipment Stock List dated 1942-06-20.

I am not sure if it will be of use to anyone but I found it interesting. It lists a lot of weird stuff I never knew of like which aircraft have United Shoe Machinery gun turrets (certain B17's), or Crocker-Wheeler turrets (that one you can find for yourself) and it includes which cameras and accessories those and other turrets and aircraft used.

Naturally it also identifies what constitutes a complete camera for each type in service at that date.

I also have a small number of other stock lists which I have not scanned. If you want a copy of any of the following please PM me and I will scan and upload the document.

S-05-D Aircraft Engine Instruments (does not list what aircraft have what instruments but it does list the unit cost of each instrument) (Feb 42)
S-11-A Bombing equipment and accessories (Feb 42)
S-12 Fuel and lubricating equipment supplies (Oct 40)
S-19 Field and hangar equipment (JUL 37)
S-21 Cordage fabric and leather (Jan 42)
S-25-B Office supplies (Oct 41)​

My apologies for the watermark - I am more than willing to provide manuals to this and other web forums at no cost and get more than a little peeved to find the same manuals for sale on commercial sites within days of me posting them.



  • S-10-A Aerial Photo Equip (42-06-20)ww2.pdf
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