US Navy and gyro gunsights in WWII

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    Good day,

    Widespread use (at least by the 8th AF) of the K-14A and Mark 21 ("hijacked" from the Navy) gyro gunsights from early 1945 by the AAF is well known and documented. But what about its use by the US Navy on its own fighters and bombers?

    Facts are that the Navy was initially ahead of the Air force on the subject (the Navy had already set up production facilities for the Mark 18 sight when the AF started to show interest in the Gyro gunsight) and that period litterature and documentation say these were actively being used in the last few months of the war. However, i have not yet been able to locate a single photo of a Navy operational plane equipped with such a gyro gunsight!

    Have you? your thoughts please.


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