US Navy to change policy on warbirds and historic objects

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1st Lieutenant
Jul 25, 2007
Utah, USA
I'll believe it when I see it. 'Fraid I've been fooled by too many similar rumblings in the past, even to the extent where approval has been granted for a recovery only to be withdrawn when the aircraft was actually located. Sorry for being a nattering nabob of negativism, and I truly hope I'm wrong, but the USN's ludicrous policy about aircraft wrecks is long entrenched and all previous attempts and reasonable relaxations have failed dismally.


Staff Sergeant
Feb 4, 2016
If the story is true an air museum in Rhode Island recovered and restored a F6F for their place and once it was done the USN swooped in and declared it government property. Heard it ended up at USN naval museum in Florida. Can neither confirm nor deny!

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