USAAF victories VE Day

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Sep 20, 2022
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First of all, I am Korean. Please consider that I am not good at English.
However, I'm looking for data on ten(9x1+2x0.5) USAAF victories recorded on VE Day. I was able to find detailed data of 2nd Lt Larson and 2nd Lt Swift, but I couldn't find the data for rest of victories.
What I'm looking for is all data and informations about all victories.(enemy aircraft type, situation, etc)
Waiting for all the data and informations about VE Day's USAAF victories!
Thank you.
Larson - May 8th - FW-190.
The only one that I could find in Frank's "Stars & Bars"

Newman had two claims.
Binewski and Jeffrey each had a half claim.
The others each had one claim.

Found one Luftwaffe loss so far.
Uffz. Walter Abbrederis, I/SG-10.
Fw190F-8 "White 8".
Attacked by two P51's near Lake Ammersee.


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