V2's to be launched from subs - 1945

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May 3, 2007
Does anyone have any information about this project, known as Test Stand XII. I am researching this - unusual topic for a woman - but there you go. I'm a researcher, and do anything from this to genealogy.

The intention was to tow containers attached to Tupe XX1 subs across the Atlantic in attack on New York. The project was cancelled at end of hostilities however. I know where they were built and by whom but need to know if there is any photographic evidence, plans or drawings, manufacturing processes and what became of the containers at the end of the war.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If of interest, I am also researching the Heinkel 176 - so another "lack of information" subject for me to grapple with!

Thanks to all in advance!
Thanks Amrit

I have both articles - re the Heinkel 176 one, was written by my husband and I - see his credit (Douglas Downer-Smith) at the bottom of the page ! - but thank you nonetheless.
Private emails received from DerAdlerIstGelandet and hoping you are able to find that information from 2004!
I would try to source the russian archives first (perhaps start with the state archive of St. Petersburg). They came into possession of most technical drawings related to Prüfstand XII. It´s a bit tricky but if You get access, it´s the most plausible place where You will find what You seek.

best whishes,
I read some good stuff about it recently. The project was a total failure. It was impossible to fuel the V2 rocket while at sea.

And then of course there is the issue of accuracy while firing a rocket at rough sea ...


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