Vid - A6 drivers at work... bombs away!

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Apr 6, 2005
Well you will have seen the fighters and fighter-bombers at work in the previous video - now you can see how the A6 Intruder crews do their thing... well, get a glimpse of a part of it.

Personally I think the A6 was a great plane.... much like the Buccaneer... I once met an A6 driver and the tales he would tell...

No doubt you have read the Coonts book... or watched the movie... great stuff!


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again a nice little video but perhaps in future could you post a few videos in each topic you make please, it jus keeps the number of topics down and makes life easier in general- thanks..........
Good idea... now I am a lieutenant postings don't matter so much to me any more... but it's not always going to be a theme night.... but maybe it could be like "here's what's on the menu tonight! Take your pic!".

Are you the generalisimo of this site?
what like the father figure?? or big gay bob that looks after you in jail, for a little summit in return??

but no just having a new topic for each video was pissing me off :lol:

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