Vid clip - F16, F15 blast off at Mildenhall

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Tech Sergeant
Apr 6, 2005
One of my fave home movies... stream take off of the mighty F16C and F15E!

I love this vid coz it exemplifies the matter of being in the right place at the right time... when you see it you will get what I mean...

BTW in the foreground is the line up of white F5s of the Turkish AF displat team.... they are vg too exp their mad commentator!


  • rare_airshow-mildenhall-f16-f15-take-off-awesome_532.wmv
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Thanks - just happened to be there... it was where the old Avro's used to be lined up, the Shack and Vulcan etc.... and the SR71 of course... a long trek from the car park but well worth it as this clip demonstrates!

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