Vid clip - Grumman Cats at Duxford

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Tech Sergeant
Apr 6, 2005
Here's a look inside the hangar at two of the 'cats... well, maybe 3 if you caount the glimpse of the Tigercat in the background... Wildcat and Hellcat for your viewing pleasure. They are parked with wings folded so we get a close look at the hinge mechanism etc.

Dunno what we will have for you tomorrow - might be some old BBC airshow stuff, fancy posting something flying for a change...


  • ww2-carrier-fighters-iwm-duxford-99-sml_174.wmv
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Can't be many places where you can so all 3 WW2 'cats' in one place... let alone flying examples... (4 if you count the Bearcat but I think that is now elsewhere).

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