Walter Nowotny Bf 109F-2, F-4?

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Aug 21, 2006
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What's the meaning of the "13" in the green heart?


Nowotny (3).gif

I imagine that this is the correct colours for his machine, being 3./JG 54? 🤨🤔


Plus, could this one be used for this bird? I suspect that it isn't much of a difference between an F-4 and a F-4 Trop, or?
The external difference between the F-4 and F-4 trop would be the oil radiator size. The F-4 trop had it more deep ( larger ) like the F-4/Z. Certainly the F-4 didn't have the trop filter at the supercharger air intake mounted. It has to be checked on the Nowotny's Friedrich and find what type the air intake was of. The early one and the late had the different shape. The trop filter required the later air intake to be mounted. Also I would check on the prop.
Would the Werk Nummer be helpful to find that out?

Sure. at least we could find out if it was the F-2 or F-4.

Look here ... the says that's the Novotny's F-2 and once they say it's the White 8 while the another time the "Yellow 8" ... but if you get a close up view at the digit "8" you may notice the different tone than the white of the Balkenkreuz. Also the "8" has the black outline. Undoubtely it is the same plane "Yellow 8"with the Green Herz and "13" in it also seen in your post. What is more the bottom pic shows the early air intake to the supercharger.



But what about this shot ? ... no number "13" in the Green Herz emblem. The air intake seems to be of the later shape. But again the Asisbiz says F-2 "White 8".

Just as I said ... it is the additional armour ( plates that covered the bottom windows )

Aaaaahh....I've always thought that the armour only protected the windscreen itself!
I guess that when you beef up your windscreen, you add armour plating to those small windows at the same time? 🤨🤔
Actually you are right , the armour only protected the windscreen itself. The longer I look at the pic the more I'm convinced that it is the Gustav but not the Friedrich.

The top being the Friedrich and bottom the Gustav, or the other way around? 🤨🤔
Also, post #14 seems to have the same G-1 type head armour but, if it is 10360, that is listed in an Erla built batch of G-2. So, possibly the hinged canopy frame is G-1 fitted
to a G-2.


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