"wat if" thoughts

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Jan 28, 2004
has anyone thought about the " wat ifs of world war2 aviation"
like...wat if the hellcat was built like wat we now know to be the bearcat
or if the jumo213a from the fw190d would have worked in the stuka
and why wasn't the merlin first built in the mustang without the hassle of the allison.
Dude, the realm of possibilities for the "What Ifs" catagory go far beyond the insurmountable permutations that normal mortal men can fathom...

Maybe the Bottle-Nosed Dolpfin could, but not our simple and underused brain...

Every poster here could name a "what if" every 2 minutes for 3 months straight...

And then ur brain would suffer a terrible aneurysm and you would be left wondering "What if I didnt think about "What Ifs"....."
Like what if the Germans had produced the He 280, FW 187 and the HE 100 instead of the Me 109 110 and the Me 262?

Or had pushed on at Dunkirk landing just behind the ships carrying the English? Or had kept bombing the airfields?

Its endless

I think the Fw-187 would have been a better option than the Me-110.
What if the Western Allies had signed a cease fire with Germany in 1943!?
I think either way nazism would have been eliminated somehow by somebody at sometime.I bloody hope somebody would have, german is a terrible language to learn!


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What if my brother forgets to buy parrot food?
what if the germans woul bomb NY with a dirty bomb ?\ what if stalingrad was lost to the germans ?\or what if ww2 never broke out ?? :?:


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I fail to see how Germany would bomb New York with a dirty bomb. A dirty bomb being a 'homemade' nuclear bomb which has small explosive power but causes radiation poisoning.

That's an imaginative what if. :lol:
I know about that site, and I know about the 'crazy planes' but they didn't have the capability for a Dirty Bomb. However, the A10 (Worlds first ICBM) was on the drawing board.

If cheese wasn't so tasty then they'd be no cheese on toast!!! :cry: :cry:
Yeah, the Me-263 (is the the 263? or the 264?) was designed to carry a bomb from Berlin to New York and back :shock:

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