Weapon dropping northern part of the Netherlands.


Dec 19, 2022
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I am mostly researching on the ground. But for a story of a ww2 war child in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands I do need some answers regarding the air.
On October 19th 1944 there was a weapon dropping in the northern part of the Netherlands. To be precise, Aalsum just above Dokkum.
At the attaches files a Google Earth picture with the situation with names. The other is a drawing witch was made by the underground in 1944.

Now my question. Where can I find information witch aircraft and squadron flew over Aalsum and is there any record left of these weapon droppings.

Thank you in advance for any answers.


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Mar 26, 2007
That is a difficult one. For those droppings being very secret and often only one plane involved.

No names etc?

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