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Jan 26, 2005
Have any sent corrections off to web sites and got a reply back?

I have and never got a reply nor saw any corrections made either.
My job (one of them anyway) is being the guy at the other end, I always fix everything needed. But then I run a few large sites with paying subscribers so I can't afford to ignore people.
Nonskimmer said:
Are you referring to this site?
No, sites that have a/c info data on them.

just an example:


go down the listing, notice some radials are listed as Vs not Rs or the DBs where some are Is and some are Vs. What is the difference in the Jumo 21x series and a Daimler-Benz DB 603? Jumos listed as Is and the 603 as a V.

Nice site though.
I assume you sent to the hotmail address? It might not get checked much or get filled with spam, I know mine does and I only check it every now and again.

Did a little detective work and it seems out tarrif is a starwars fan

His profile on the starwars site shows he last logged in yesterday, so he is active there at least, you could register and contact him through there via PM. His Yahoo messenger address is listed as well so you could perhaps try that if you don't wish to register. Seems he is a german speaker as well, though located in the US.

Amazing what you can track down on the net with minimal effort ;)
Sorry for the slow response. Yes, I did get that email and I do plan on making those changes, but they are on a long "to do" list that never seems to get done. I was thinking of re-working the entire engines database anyway, so maybe I can find time in June. Unfortunately I've been busy with real life and other projects (I was recently asked to be the webmaster of the official Aberdeen Proving Grounds website by the U.S. Army). I did get the mail, and I do appreciate the corrections, and I'm sorry they weren't done by now. I *will* get to them, just need to find the time.

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